Thursday, October 31, 2013

New to The PAN Grill-it?

PAN Grill-it 101:

DO NOT USE BUTTER OR COOKING SPRAYS WHEN GRILLING ON THE PAN GRILL-IT™ These will only burn up, smoke and become acrid especially on HIGH HEAT.

Note: The PAN Grill-it™ is pre-seasoned which provides for a healthy all natural non-stick surface. It has a vegetable oil that has been baked on at 600+ degrees (F) and is ready to use. It is NOT to be used in coated non-stick pans or any toxic non-stick cookware.


• Place the PAN Grill-it inside the cast iron round 10.5” griddle or 12” or larger cast iron skillet. Let the cast iron heat slowly on MEDIUM heat for 10-12 minutes. Some stove tops methods are slower but slow is good. Cast iron will build and sustain its heat much like an oven.

• Should you use marinades, wipe food with paper towel prior to placing on the PAN Grill-it. DO NOT use heavy amounts of BBQ sauces as these will burn up in the pan. Basting is best as it grills should you want to add sauce.

NOTE: Placing cold or refrigerated foods on hot cast iron will stick to the surface. Let refrigerated foods sit out at room temperature prior to placing on grill.

• After your meal, let the cast iron cool. Then scrape food debris off the PAN Grill-it with a butter knife or stiff wire brush. Metal spatulas work well for the griddles and skillets. Scrubbies work well for the finishing touches.

• Once food debris is removed, lightly dab HIGH SMOKE POINT cooking oils onto paper towel and spread onto the cast iron pieces. Then warm for just 2-3 minutes. This will open the iron pores and allow the oils to seep into the cast iron to preserve and continue the seasoning for tasty meals to come. Tip: A great place to store your cast iron is in the oven where it is dry and free from moisture.

• Only use HIGH SMOKE POINT cooking oils AFTER use, to continue the seasoning process. Recommended high smoke-point oils to use; Safflower, Peanut, Sunflower, Coconut, Avocado, Extra Virgin Olive Oil or any oils that have the word “Light” on their label.

*Cast iron skillets and round griddles are safe for all stove tops and heating methods; gas, electric, induction, glass (do not drop) ceramic (do not slide-pick up to move), flat-top griddle-commercial use, oven, campfire, woodstove tops, and outdoor grills.

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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Reccomended Oils for Caring for your Cast Iron Cookware; PAN Grill-it

Cast iron is and increasingly becoming the cookware of choice hands down. Many have always enjoyed that great taste and others are now learning why.  Especially, since the release of research exploiting the dangers of these non-stick coated or sprayed cookware that have stopped people from using it all together.
Caring for your cast iron PAN Grill-it and other cast iron cookware is simple. The PAN Grill-it & other cast iron products Made in USA are preseasoned and ready to use. They have an all natural non-stick surface. After use and allowing to cool down, begin by removing food debris, then apply a small amount of cooking oil onto a paper towel and wipe down to continue the seasoning process. But wait! What kind of oil is KEY. Recommended cooking oils to apply AFTER use, that have a high smoke point greater than 405ºF are the following;
Olive Oil-High Quality-Extra Virgin
Olive Oil-Virgin
Corn Oil-Refined
Peanut Oil-Refined
Safflower Oil-Refined
Sunflower Oil-Refined
Canola Oil-Semi-Refined
Olive Oil-Extra Light
Canola Oil-Refined
Avocado Oil (Highest at 520ºF)

Oils to stay away from that have low smoke points are oils labeled "Unrefined" and of course butter. Butter will only burn up and produce acrid smoke. Also, be sure to wipe off access marinades or sauces using a paper towel prior to placing on the PAN Grill-it. This will alleviate unwanted smoke in the house.
Every persons first question is "do I need to put any oil in the skillet or griddle when using the PAN Grill-it?" The answer is No.. The food juices when being grilled or cooked, keep foods from sticking. It steams the fruits, vegetables, fish and meats while it sears the food on the top. I recently watched a video with someone explaining how to prepare grilled zucchini. They had added oil all over it in a bowl prior to grilling. Not exactly healthy zucchini.
A simple and most basic tip for grilling with the cast iron PAN Grill-it to prevent sticking is to remember that cold or refrigerated food will stick on hot cast iron. So let the foods first sit out for 10 or 15 minutes.
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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Carcinogen Free Grilling: Is it Possible?

Is there such of thing as grilling or cooking carcinogen free? There is now! The PAN Grill-it is practical, affordable, healthy, and tasty, last forever and Made in USA. This new innovative way of grilling will bring FUN back into your kitchen fore sure. It’s uses are but not limited to; 12” cast iron skillet or larger, 10.5” griddle, use over rusted grill grates at home or at the park instead of tinfoil, use as a Trivet inside of 6 quart or larger Dutch Ovens and restaurant flat-top application. 

I had personally brought this product to the market place in July of 2011. The idea had stemmed from simply running out of propane on one of the coldest days of the year in January. After being frustrated with the typical ways or methods of grilling, I had said to my father “there’s got to be a way to grill indoors without smoking the house up and do it healthy”. My father has been a tool designer with 40+ years experience and designed the PAN Grill-it to do just that.

If you are currently in transition and moving to alternative cookware for a more healthy way of grilling or cooking, the PAN Grill-it is hands down you’re best alternative. Teflon and other non-stick pans are simply a thing of the past. If you’re currently using these types of cookware, I can tell you this; it’s not just the chips or flakes that come off it that make it harmful, it’s the fact that after reaching 200+ degrees the gases or I should say, poisons are released and your food becomes a sponge, absorbing it all. But, don’t throw them away just yet. They do have a single purpose; heating eggs at 110 degrees. 

A real problem with our younger generation today is they were raised on thinking fast and convenient is a part of eating.  Today, sitting at the dinner table seems to be a thing of the past but is the key to bringing and keeping the family strong and more importantly healthy. It’s time to bring back that dinner bell and understand the significance behind why it was created in the first place 

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Let’s admit, that expensive new grill with its shinny new grill grate you just purchased looks inviting for some tasty vittles. However, after many uses it’s falling apart. Sure you care for it and go through several steel brushes to make sure the grate is clean, but it’s often the quality of the grate which ultimately shows its rearing face over time. Bottom line, most quality grills you buy can last you a lifetime but grates will not. They are often exposed to the elements and begin to rust and most cases fall apart. Americans spend millions of dollars on wire scrappers and scrubbers to remove rust. Truth be known you can scrape or scrub rusted grill grates till your blue in the face, but the rust will never go away and will continue to spread rapidly. The quick and easy way to get around the rust prior to knowing the health dangers of it, was to simply place tinfoil down over the grate.


Well…here’s an alternative; try placing the PAN Grill-it on the grate itself. Sure at first it feels like your double dipping and your thinking, why would I do such a thing? Think of your PAN Grill-it as your meal-ticket; It’s clean, pre-seasoned, its cast iron which of course does add trace amounts of iron to your diet, it savors the flavors of all of your grilling experiences and adds wonderful flavors to your food. Not to mention its a great conductor of heat.

I recently had some friends over to watch sports and grill. I had grilled NY Strips and T-Bones on the PAN Grill-it™ on my outdoor grill. As they began to eat, they all started a conversation as to what it was I seasoned the steaks with. I grinned and said nothing but a few throws of some Worcestershire blended with a tad of A-1. The steaks were simply just a wicked combo of flavors being released from past meals. I’m not saying our steaks tasted like the morning sausage and ham I grilled that morning or the halibut from the night before but, it’s something that any cast iron cooking enthusiast could attest to. I have bought many grilling and cooking utensils over the years. Many of which I thought were going to make cooking easier, more enjoyable and of course fun! However, most of them had too much hype and didn’t do what they said they would or were just poorly constructed pieces of usefulness. This is something that will last you a lifetime. is a new runner-up in the category of cheese and wine. It simply gets better with age and of course use. I encourage you to be the first amongst your friends and family and shock-taste their taste buds with this new innovated and healthier way of grilling.

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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

PAN Grill-it- A Healthy Alternative for Grilling & Cooking your meals Indoor/ outdoors

Cookware Types & Choices…

There are three main types of cookware commonly used; stainless steel, coated non-stick, and cast iron. Coated non-stick cookware was once considered convenient for it’s fast easy cleanup. However, we know now the chemical make-up of the sprays are extremely harmful to our health. Not because they flake off but, they turn to a toxic gas form after 200+ degrees and those gases or toxins are absorbed into foods. Stainless steel cookware is great but, where back to the oils, butters and sprays which is why we moved towards non-stick cookware; to eliminate the fats. So, what about cast iron? 

Your meal ticket…

The PAN Grill-it™ is the healthiest was to cook or grill your foods. It is your meal ticket to explore or use again your cast iron cookware. Prior to 2004, we all know that cast iron needed to be seasoned to function properly and was considered a task. The seasoning was a process that done to achieve a black patina (shinny non-stick surface) from cooking in fats and oils. Now USA Made cast iron is preseasoned with a vegetable oil baked on at high heat and is ready to use.

Why is it healthy?

The food juices drop, steaming from below and searing on the top. The foods nutrients and vitamins are reabsorbed and contained. Foods always stay moist and flavorful. Because there is a natural non-stick surface already, you DO NOT USE vegetable oil, sprays or butter. These all have a low smoke point temp and can burn up and smoke at high heat.

Caring for your PAN Grill-it™ and cast iron is simple…..

 When cool, simply apply a stiff brush or acrylic scrubbie over the sink or garbage can removing charred food pieces. Then add regular table salt into the skillet or griddle, add some extra virgin olive oil or an oil with a high smoke point. i.e sunflower, peanut. Warm the skillet or griddle on medium for two minutes. Then wipe clean with paper towel. Lightly rub oil on PAN Grill-it, warm for 2 minutes on medium. Should you use soap and water to clean food pieces, be sure the water temperature is hot or cold depending on the same temperature of the cookware. Then, immediately towel dry and store in the oven.
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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Made in Michigan: PAN Grill-it

Made in Michigan: PAN Grill-it: Can't make it outside to grill your favorite foods? A new kitchen tool allows you to enjoy grilled foods all year round.